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Style associated with photography captured using 35mm film cameras.
Use of Light and Shadow, Color Grading, Emotive Portraiture, Filmic Texture and Grain, Narrative Storytelling.
3D Render
Visual style and characteristics of digitally generated imagery created using 3D rendering software.
Realism, Detail and Precision, Dynamic Lighting, Composition and Framing, Atmosphere and Mood, Artistic Style and Expression.
80s Vaporwave
Draws inspiration from the visual and cultural elements of the 1980s, combined with futuristic and surreal motifs.
Neon Colors, Synthwave and Retro Futurism, Retro Technology, Aesthetic Nostalgia, Dreamy and Surreal Atmosphere.
Evokes a haunting beauty, capturing the eerie stillness and decay of abandoned places or objects.
Decay and Dilapidation, Overgrowth, Weathered Textures, Urban Decay, Forgotten Objects, Play of Light and Shadow.
Abstract Sculpture
Characterized by its freedom of expression, experimentation with form and material and openness to interpretation.
Sculptural Elements, Materiality, Expression and Emotion, Conceptual Depth, Movement and Balance.
Distinctive visual style commonly associated with Japanese animation (anime).
Distinctive Art Styles, Emotional Expressiveness, Fantasy and Imagination, Character Archetypes, Cultural References.
Characteristics of sketches or drawings that showcase architecture and built environments.
Composition, Scale and Perspective, Materials and Textures, Imperfect Lines, Limited Palette.
Playful and imaginative visual style that simplifies complex forms into easily recognizable and expressive representations.
Simplified Shapes and Forms, Bold and Vibrant Colors, Strong Outlines and Lines, Fantastical and Imaginative Settings.
Cine Lens
Attributes that contribute to their unique aesthetic. From distinctive bokeh and controlled lens flares to precise focus control and characterful optical artifacts.
Cinematic Look, Lens Flares, Contrast and Micro-Contrast, Color Rendering, Smooth Focus Pulls and Focus Breathing.
Captures the visual style and atmosphere of film, evoking the mood, composition and storytelling techniques commonly found in movies.
Use of Light and Shadow, Color Grading, Emotive Portraiture, Filmic Texture and Grain, Narrative Storytelling.
Captures the unique charm and tactile quality of stop-motion animation created with clay or similar materials.
Textured Surfaces, Sculpted Characters, Handcrafted Sets and Props, Warm and Earthy Colors, Whimsical and Playful Tone, Visible Imperfections.
Concept Art
Captures the essence of initial ideas and explorations in a raw, illustrative manner.
Loose and Fluid Lines, Dynamic Composition, Rapid Iteration, Expressive Gesture, Exploratory Markings.
Digital Art
Encompasses a diverse range of styles, techniques and creative approaches that utilize digital tools and technologies for artistic expression.
Highly Detailed and Realistic, Hyperrealism and Photorealism, Surrealism and Fantasy, Experimental Techniques.
Style of photography that utilizes a limited color palette consisting of two contrasting or complementary colors.
Limited Color Palette, High Contrast, Emphasis on Tone and Texture, Dramatic and Moody Atmosphere, Vintage and Retro Vibes.
Blend of elements based on themes inspired by nature, forests and wilderness.
Wilderness Settings, Exploration and Adventure, Nature-Based Art and Design, Dramatic Light.
Defined by its subtle coloration, texture, temporal nature, natural setting and association with winter.
Winter Atmosphere, Natural Setting, Temporal Nature, Subtle Coloration, Texture and Surface Variation.
Graphic Novel
Encompass a unique visual style that blends elements of traditional illustration with the narrative structure of storytelling.
Artistic Diversity, Dynamic Composition, Expressive Characters, Detailed Environments, Use of Color.
Distinct aesthetic characterized by its sketch/pencil strokes, dark appearance and its association with tradition and utility.
Sheen and Smoothness, Softness and Powdery Texture, Timelessness and Tradition, Natural and Earthy, Contrast and Depth.
Emulate the style and techniques of the Impressionist art movement, which emerged in the late 19th century.
Loose Brushwork, Light and Atmosphere, Focus on Movement and Energy, Emphasis on Perception and Sensation.
Isometric 3D
Rendering three-dimensional scenes or objects in a way that maintains parallel lines and equal angles between axis, with low poly finishing.
Equal Scale, Orthographic Projection, Grid-Based Composition, Sharp Angles and Clean Lines, Modular Design.
Low Poly 3D
Digital art characterized by geometric simplicity, minimalism and a reduced number of polygons.
Geometric Shapes, Flat Shading, Limited Detail, Whimsical and Playful Tone, Faceted Surfaces.
Artistic portrayal of subjects at an extremely close range, revealing intricate details that are not typically visible to the naked eye.
Extreme Close-Up, Fine Details, Unique Perspectives, Technical Precision, Vivid Colors.
Marker Drawing
Visual style created using markers as the primary medium for drawing.
Bold and Vibrant Colors, Graphic and Illustrative Style, Strong Contours and Lines, Expressive and Spontaneous.
Moody Film
Cinematic style that leverages the enhanced contrast, brightness and color range.
Enhanced Contrast, Expanded Brightness, Naturalistic Lighting, Creative Expression, Richer Colors.
Style characterized by digitally created artwork composed of individual pixels arranged on a grid.
Pixel Grid, Pixelation, Low Resolution, Pixel-Level Detailing, Expressive Characters and Environments, Retro Aesthetic.
Evokes the nostalgic charm and visual style of analog photography from past decades, particularly the 1960s, 70s, and 80s.
Film Grain and Texture, Warm Tones and Faded Colors, Vignetting and Lens Flare, Soft Focus and Blur, Nostalgic Themes and Subjects.
SciFi Art
Encompasses a wide range of visual styles that explore futuristic, otherworldly and speculative themes.
Futuristic Settings, Sleek and High-Tech Designs, Cybernetic Enhancements and Augmentations, Space Exploration and Travel.
Emulates the appearance of stickers or decals placed on a surface.
Flat Design, Outlined Borders, Overlap and Collage, Whimsical and Playful Tone, Drop Shadows or Highlights.
Visual representation of a narrative or sequence of events through illustrated panels.
Panel Format, Sketch or Simple Drawings, Dynamic Composition, Limited Color Palette, Quick Iterations.
Studio Headshot
Captures individuals in a professional and polished manner, often used for professional profiles, resumes or promotional materials.
Clean and Simple Background, Even Lighting, Professional Posing, Minimal Retouching, Neutral Clothing and Accessories.
Characterized by its intense, suspenseful and often chilling atmosphere. It thrives on tension, unpredictability and psychological intrigue.
Moody Lighting, Tension-Building Visuals, Mysterious Settings, High-Stakes Conflict.
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