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Gen-2 Motion Brush Interface

Learn how to use Motion Brush to have more control over movement in your video.
  • Motion Brush works with image prompts inside of Gen-2
  • Once your image is loaded into Gen-2, click on the Motion Brush button to get started
  • Brush over the area of the image you want to control
  • If you want to make your brush size bigger, use the slider in the upper left
  • If you accidentally paint too big of an area, use the eraser tool or undo/redo arrows
  • Once you have a basic mask, head down to the Horizontal, Vertical and Proximity sliders
  • You can think of these as an X, Y and Z grid - X = horizontal movement, left or right - Y = vertical movement, up or down
    • Z = proximity, closer or farther
  • Each slider is controlled with a decimal point value with a range from -10 to +10
  • You can manually input numerical value, drag the text field left or right or use the sliders
  • If you need to reset everything, click the “Clear” button to reset everything back to 0
  • Click “Save” once you’re done adjusting your mask
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