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How to Create Realistic Motion with Multi Motion Brush

Learn how to use Multi Motion Brush to create life-like movement across varying depth layers of a video.
  • First, determine what would be realistic movement
  • Envision your video in “slices,” each representing a different depth/distance
    • objects closer are in the front slices, and objects farther away are in the back slices
    • closer objects will appear to move faster than those further away — this concept is called Motion Parallax
  • Head into Gen-2 and begin with the closest layer
    • intensify movement given “close” proximity
  • Move onto Brush 2 for your next layer — apply reduced motion since the layer is farther back in proximity
  • Keep continuing through layers, reducing motion as you reach the farther “slices”/layers
  • As a recap
    • visualize image in layers based on distance
    • assign brushes to different layers
    • apply more motion to closer layers, with intensity decreasing for farther layers
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