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Using Text to Video and Image to Video

Learn how to generate videos using text prompts and images in Runway.
  • Select the Text/Image to Video tool from your dashboard
  • Start by adding a text prompt for a video you want to create
  • Next, click on the “Style” icon to add a style to your prompt, or use a custom style with the “Model” icon
  • Choose an aspect ratio for your video
  • Click “Generate” to generate a video based on your settings and prompt
  • Use “Free previews” to see the what the first frame of your generations will look like, without spending credits, and then use the image as input to continue the creation process
  • General Motion slider ranges from 1-10
    • 1 for little motion, 10 for extreme motion
  • For more control over the camera and subjects in your video, you can use some of the other settings
    • Camera Motion: choose direction and speed of camera motion in your video
    • Motion Brush: select up to 5 different parts of your frame, and assign specific motion values to each of them
  • Once you’re happy with your result, you can favorite it for easy access later, download it locally to your computer, or extend the video to make it longer
  • Extending a video will automatically generate and stitch an additional 4s onto the end of your video, continuing the motion from the first half automatically, but motion can also be adjusted
  • Check out custom presets, prompt enhancer and Lip Sync within Text/Image to Video to help speed up your generative workflows even more
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