Using the Mobile App

Use this quick tutorial to learn how to use Runway's mobile app for iOS.

  • Download the Runway app from the App Store app
  • Sign into Runway using the same account you use on the web
  • Circular purple button will initiate a new generation
  • 1 second of video generation = 14 credits
    • To top up credits, click profile icon in the top right corner of the Home page and tap “Credits”
  • To create a video, simply hold down the record button and let go when you’re finished
  • Three main style settings:
    • Presets by Runway
    • Reference image: click “Add” to choose an image from your library; adjust style strength and seed number here
    • Text prompt
  • Hit “Generate” — video will be queued and show a percentage status circle
  • Generate new options in the meantime; videos will continue generating in the background
  • Generations will be stored in library tab
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