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Getting Started

Dashboard Overview

Learn how to navigate the Runway Dashboard.
  • From the main dashboard homepage, you have access to featured AI Tools, popular AI Tools, tutorials, and community content
  • If you click on “view all tools” button, you’ll see the full list of the AI Tools
  • Or, you can use the categorized buttons on the left side
  • “Projects” is where you’ll find all of your saved Runway projects, including editing timelines, Green Screen clips, and Inpainting clips
  • “Shared with me” contains projects that you’ve been specifically invited to
  • “Assets” is where all of your uploaded and creative assets will be stored
    • Sort and organize assets with folders and categories
    • Sort assets by type for easier navigation
    • Shift + click to batch organize or delete assets
    • By default, all assets that you create or upload will appear in your “Private” assets
  • Dashboard may change slightly over time
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