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Gen-3 Alpha

Getting Started with Gen-3 Alpha

Learn how to use Text to Video with Runway’s newest video model, Gen-3 Alpha.
  • Head to Text/Image to Video tool and select Gen-3 Alpha from the model dropdown
  • Add a text prompt
  • Select 5s or 10s video to generate
  • 720p generations take about 60s for a 5s video, or 90s for a 10s video
  • The more detailed you can make the text prompt, the more Gen-3 Alpha will shine
    • Include things like subject, scene, lighting, camera, movements and more
  • In addition to visual details, Gen-3 Alpha can be prompted for subject action, camera action, speed, transition and more
  • Gen-3 Alpha works with a wide variety of prompt structures, from super simple to more complex
  • If you’re looking for inspiration, separate prompt into a visual description and a camera description
    • Example: Visual: A pillow fort in a cozy living room. The pillow fort is made from an assortment of quilts, fabrics and pillows Camera motion: Hand held camera smoothly zooms into the entrance of the pillow fort, revealing an ancient castle in the interior
  • For more helpful resources, check out our Help Center or Discord
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