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Prompting for Text to Video

Learn how to master prompting with these tips in Gen-2.
  • Open up Gen-2 and enter an extremely simple prompt (in this example, a dog)
  • Use the preview functionality to get a feel for what your prompt will generally generate
  • From there, get more specific with details
    • For this example: color, breed, location, time of day
  • Taking it a step further, include details about the type of shot you’re going for
    • For this example: adding “an extreme close-up shallow depth of field portrait” to the prompt
  • Two things to focus on: what it looks like + what it is
    • Example: a painting of (+) a bowl of fruit
    • Example with detail added: a textured historical oil painting of (+) a bowl of fruit on a wooden table in a farmhouse kitchen
  • Find Style Presets at the bottom of the prompting box in Gen-2 if you’re looking for a specific style
  • Use prompt modifiers at the end of a prompt for further customization
  • Examples include: - cinematic - shallow depth of field - warm color palette - moody - smooth texture
    • imperfect
  • In summary, focus on:
    • What it looks like
    • What it is
    • Relevant modifiers
    • Keep it focused
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