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Gen-2 Modes

Explore the three different modes you can use in Gen-2.
  • Modes in Gen-2:
    • Text prompt
    • Text prompt + Image
    • Image
  • Try starting out using a text prompt only; check advanced options and generate
  • If you have an image in mind you’d like to use to influence your generations, there are two ways to do that:
    • Include an image reference along with a text prompt (for a blend of text prompt and image reference)
    • Click into “Image” tab to use the image only
  • To recap:
    • Text to Video: explore creative ideas, compositions, and creating new worlds
    • Image + Text to Video: narrow in on a specific concept, with flexibility of prompting
    • Image to Video: bring a very specific vision to life
  • Rate your generations to help us keep improving Gen-2
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