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Generative Audio Overview

Learn how to use Generative Audio to add speech to your images and videos.
  • Find Generative Audio on the Runway dashboard
  • At the top, you’ll find an area to write anything you want and turn it into a spoken audio file
  • After you type out your text, you can preview and choose voices from the default voice menu
  • Once you choose a voice, click on the “Generate” button
  • Generate times depend on script length, but are generally pretty quick
  • Audio generations are automatically saved to the “Generative Audio” folder inside of the main assets folder, but can be saved elsewhere
  • Custom Voice training only requires a few minutes of clean audio with no background noise — import or record in Runway
  • Finally, to create a Lip Sync video, you’ll need a video or image of a person whose face is fully in the frame
    • upload your own or use one of the characters in the list
    • Lip Sync can be used with generated audio from Text to Speech, recorded audio or uploaded audio
    • choose a voice and click “Generate”
  • Tip: turn your image into a video with Gen-2, then upload that video into the Generative Audio tool to add Lip Sync to your video
  • If your audio is longer than your video, once your video reaches the end of its duration, it will reverse and go back to the beginning for the duration of the audio
    • avoid using general camera motion controls and instead use Motion Brush, which makes the reverse effect less noticeable
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