Editing a Product Ad

Learn the fundamental steps for editing down your footage into a complete product ad creation.

  • Start by pulling “selects” from your footage; choose your best shots that you’d like to incorporate into your final edit.
    • Rename your shots and be intentional for even better organization.
  • Find music to help with overall pace, mood, and tone. Utilize convenient Runway features like Beat Snapping to make editing easy.
  • Create a rough cut. Get your shots in the general order you want them to appear in, and try to match them up loosely to the music. Get a feeling for if the edit is going to work and make adjustments as needed.
  • Use Runway AI Magic Tools like Green Screen to enhance your edits.
  • Bring your edit to life with added animation.
  • Make a “beauty” pass; tweak fine adjustments, color grading, and effects to make your edit feel more professional and polished.
  • Time to make a final pass! Add text, animations, sound effects, additional video clips, etc. to totally complete your composition.
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