How to Composite

Walk through a full compositing example in Runway using Green Screen, Inpainting, and Motion Tracking.

  • We’re going to use a combination of tooling in Runway to composite this example: Green Screen, Inpainting, and Motion Tracking.
  • Drag desired background layer into the timeline below your subject layer.
  • To remove the background from the top subject layer, select Green Screen to mask the subject out. Refine as needed.
  • Track the background layer using Motion Tracking to emulate the movement in the foreground layer. Tip: select an area of high contrast for best results.
  • Rescale or adjust position of tracked background layer to fill the frame.
  • Use Inpainting to paint out any undesired objects or people in your background layer.
  • Correct color of background to match foreground layer by using effects and LUTs. In this example, we use a LUT, the Hue/Saturation/Lightness effect, and a small amount of blur.
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