Image to Image Techniques

Learn new Image to Image techniques in this short tutorial.


Step 1: Select you source video then upload it to Runway. Green Screen your subject. Then export as a PNG sequence. Step 2: Using the first frame from your PNG sequence, head to Image to Image and start to define the style you like. Step 3: Using the same settings, seed number and prompt, repeat Step 2 for every other frame in your sequence. Step 4: Load all of the results from Step 2 and 3 into a new timeline, cutting each one down to a single frame. Make sure you're sandwiching them all together without any gaps. Step 5: Export the sequence as an MP4 then take it back into Green Screen. Once again, remove the background. Step 6: Either repeat the steps above with a different asset to create a background you like or combine your results with existing footage. Step 7: Keep experimenting. Finding the look you like can take time so don't be afraid of trying different things. The more you play around, the more you'll unlock creatively.

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