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AI Magic Tools

Generative Image Workflow

Learn how to create generative images using various AI Magic Tools.
  • Learn how to create a generative image using AI Magic Tools
  • AI Magic Tools used:
    • Text to Image: creates an original generated image from a text-based prompt
    • Erase and Replace: eliminates a specific part of an image and replaces it seamlessly with a new image generated from a new text based prompt
    • Image to Image: uses an image as the input, and generates a brand new image based on both the original and a descriptive text based prompt
  • When writing prompts, be descriptive. Include object colors, orientations, and artistic styles in your prompt.
  • Refine as you go — the initial output does not have to be perfect. You can slowly work and refine your image with tools like Erase and Replace and Image to Image to gradually get your content to where you want it.
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